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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lindsey Williams BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill Is Out of Control

This is a video that I have posted with my hope being that people wake up and realize simply that this is an extinction level event. Wonder why the official number of barrels has been increased since the beginning of this disaster from 1,000 to now 60,000 and there is begging to be word that scientists and oceanologists estimating 120,000 to 240,000 barrels-4.8 Million to 9.6 Million Gallons Per Day. They are not tell us the truth, the whole truth.

The relief wells have already been written off as a failure to stop the leak by many analysts, and now the best of all possibilities is the stoppage occurring at Christmas. If God where to give this plant and the human species a gift they would never forget, this is it. Worst case scenarios, according to BP Officials, are that this leaks for 1-2 years, and doomsday scenario of 10+ years.

There is a concerted effort to get the people to come together as one people united in a common cause. This is it, and that cause is literally the survival of the human species.

This is not a joke, nor an exaggeration. The president is in over his head and absolutely incapable to action. The situation is literally getting worse by the day as additional plumes pop up as the shaft has been compromised, in addition to the shaft enlarging itself due to the debris being shot out at higher pressure. This will only result in more oil escaping.

The focus should not be on clean up, nor containment. The focus should be on stopping the bleeding, and the only option that I have read that may do this is nuclear detonation to fuse the shaft shut. This is insanity, but it is actually being discussed.

This is why I have asked for mercy on our souls.
God Bless & Good Luck