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Monday, March 21, 2011

Lindsey Williams interview with Freedomizer Radio March 16 2011

Lindsey Williams & Proof Negative - March 16 2011 Freedomizer Radio
nothing happens by chance it is all planned and behind closed doors they know exactly what's going to happen and what's going to take place ...

Pastor Lindsey Williams wrote in 'The Energy Non Crisis ' "My two and a half years as Chaplain on the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline was now coming to a close. I had the distinction of being the first Chaplain assigned to the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline, and I had been the only Chaplain assigned to the northern sector of that pipeline, which included Prudhoe Bay oil field. When I first went there I had gone as an innocent bystander, and originally the oil companies had not even wanted a Chaplain. Through much persuasion I had obtained permission to be allowed in the work camps to help men spiritually. As stated earlier, the oil companies never paid me a salary of any kind. After two and a half years of watching, observing, hearing, and seeing, I was leaving the pipeline as a man with some definite opinions because of all that had happened.

Now it was all over—two and a half years of many, many experiences. Gull Island was only a matter of a few months behind me, and the construction phase of the pipeline was completed. Oil had flowed on time, despite all I had seen in the attempts to stop it. Oil was now being shipped out of Valdez into the lower 48 states, to eventually wind up in the gas tanks of America. That four-foot pipe was carrying a little over one million barrels of oil every 24 hours, and that oil flow would increase with the completion of different phases of the Valdez terminal."