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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oil Going To $200 a Barrel - Lindsey Williams

I know you don't have to go through Ga. but you may know plenty who do let them know this

Beginning in March and lasting the month.

The State of Georgia has received a 70,000.00 federal grant to implement motorcycle only checkpoints. This is disguised as a safety-compliance check point when it is in fact a revenue shakedown of bikers. They will be writing citations for tags, pipes that are not EPA compliant, MC endorsements and equipment violations. You will be asked to consent to a search of your bags, refuse. No MC endorsment? You will be arrested if your state requires an endorsement and you don't have it. If you do not have proof of insurance they will tow your bike. If you are caught with dope or prescription meds not in their original pill bottle with the pharmacy tag they will seize your bike and you will be arrested. You will not get the bike back. They will be setting up shop in the rest areas with big flashing signs detouring bikes. Those that do not stop will be chased down and cited. Understand this has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with generating money for the state and increasing their asset forfeiture account.

This will be directed at I-75 and I-95 but they could be on any road in the state.