"The Currency of the Elite is Gold & Silver Don't sell your Gold don't sell Your Silver " Pastor Lindsey Williams

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Dollar and The Euro will be dead by 2012

Pastor Lindsey Williams says : Dollar will be dead by 2012, Europe will collapse the Euro will be finished 3 weeks later the dollar will follow , Crude OIL Price Increase FLAG: ($150-200). Comex : Silver Shorts. BUY GOLD AND SILVER NOW, No Shortage of food and water but HIGH cost. Watch Out for EU 2011~ MAJOR Problem (EURO COLLAPSE RED FLAG get out of ALL paper funds!) ELITE WANT TO OWN ALL MORTGAGE PROPERTIES. In Two years time Almost All will work for Government if they get their way!
Lindsey Williams, who once served as a chaplain for the oil companies operating in Alaska, shared what he claimed to be the "real story" behind the Gulf oil crisis. He explained that, in the 1970's, Russia drilled over 40,000 feet into the ground and discovered abiotic oil, i.e. oil which replenishes itself via an as-yet-unknown chemical process. The off-shore drilling done by BP in the Gulf of Mexico, Williams said, was their attempt to create a similar super-deep well and access this same abiotic oil. However, according to his sources, the pressure from this pocket of abiotic oil in the Gulf was so great that it burst all the safety valves on the floating platform.

Williams went on to allege that oil industry insiders believe that the only method to stop the flow of oil in the Gulf is via a nuclear device and even that has potential for catastrophic results. Bell, who rejoined the conversation in the fourth hour, agreed with Williams about the potential danger of using a nuke to thwart the spill because it could "pop the bubble" and cause all of the underground oil to emerge simultaneously. On the potential long term effects of the crisis if the flow of oil is not stopped, Bell speculated that it could reach Europe within three years through the Gulf Stream. Additionally, Williams observed that the overwhelming amount of dangerous gasses, which are also being released from the disaster, could be swept along the East Coast should a hurricane arrive in the Gulf.