"The Currency of the Elite is Gold & Silver Don't sell your Gold don't sell Your Silver " Pastor Lindsey Williams

Friday, January 6, 2012

Lindsey Williams on Radio Liberty 03 January 2012

 This is the first interview of Pastor Lindsey Williams in 2012 he is back to talk with Dr. Stan Monteith about Current Events and the forecast for 2012 and what the elite have in store for us for 2012 and beyond
some key points are : the financial collapse won't happen now but it will happen , the war with Iran will happen in the coming months , The End of The Middle East and American Sovereignty the US dollar will be devalued by 40 percent , The Elite are scared because We are waking up

For three years Pastor Lindsey Williams had the opportunity to sit, live and rub shoulders with the most powerful, controlling and manipulative men on the face of this planet.On Nov 21st 2002 Bernanke gave a speech at the National Economics club Washington and said (This is the code of ethics of the elite they need to tell us what they are about to do before they do it ) the following five things... Point 1 The Bernanke will devalue the dollar. 2 He will buy up the nations securities 3 he will crash the dollar into the dirt. The other two just mix in with these.Main cause of the collapse of the Roman Empire was the fiat currency and the constant wars and erosion of the free market economy replace by oligarchic system like we have today. Rome did collapse within not because the barbarians weak army attack.