"The Currency of the Elite is Gold & Silver Don't sell your Gold don't sell Your Silver " Pastor Lindsey Williams

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lindsey Williams Reveals the name of Mister X : Tom Fowler

Pastor Lindsey Williams on The Jeff Rense Radio - 27 March 2012 : Sceriff Joe Arpaio is a hero says Lindsey Williams , he is now challenging Obama on his birth certificate , Why have the elite not allowed the financial system collapse? Especially after the Greek issue? Create massive debt - (they are going to) We will step in - you will have no choice? They took 50% loss. Forget about your Constitution - your dollar is toast.We have a great opportunity. We have a chance to turn it around. Put in touch with Wall Street insider - Tom Fowler - has verified what elitist has told Lindsey Williams. Compared notes - was identical. Tom Fowler - sick of corruption on Wall Street. When will financial collapse happen? NYSE doesn't indicate. Euro either. 2-3 weeks after Euro collapse - get out of paper. Nor oil $ Derivative market - when it collapses (crack) - that is when you must be out of fiat trash currency.

some key points are : (1) Financial Collapse 1a. Will not happen in April, May, or June of this year. LW said he would tell us today when it will happen. (2) Obama may not (will not) be re-elected. (3) Keystone pipeline fits into this. I think that is what he said. (4) Currency 4a. What currency we have to get in.
End of 2012 the dollar will be dead. Proof the dollar is dieing/dead: NYSE means nothing. the dollar is dieing. (1) China & Japan - will trade amongst themselves. There will not be (petrodollar). No American the dollar. Can't use the dollar for oil w/Iran. (2) India - we will pay in Au. 1M Barrels/day. (3) Saudia Arabia - has betrayed us. China - ok - you need oil - biggest refinery in China. Will not use the dollar.2 months ago china japan trade agreement trade amongst themselves (current date: 3/25/2012 - 6:13PM) not using reserve currency of the world anymore. Sanction on Iran - no oil can be bought from Iran - European Union & United Nations - India needs oil -- We shot ourselves in the foot -- Iran to be payed in gold for oil every 24 hours. Dollar dead by 2012 (NOT Non-Existent) The Largest Oil-Refinery on the face of the Earth being build in [incert location here] In 2 Months' time, the dollar has begun to die as the petro-dollar of the world It will not happen YET. You should know the reason WHY the elite have not allowed the dollar to collapse yet...