"The Currency of the Elite is Gold & Silver Don't sell your Gold don't sell Your Silver " Pastor Lindsey Williams

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lindsey Williams: Important events in 2012 / 2013

October 15, 2011

Source : GoldSilverEconomy : http://goldsilvereconomy.wordpress.com/2011/10/15/lindsey-williams-important-events-in-2012/>>>
Lindsey Williams has given many interviews. In his interviews, he mentions that the following events will occur in 2012
  • The governments will use fear to dumb down the people because fearful people cannot think clearly. The governments will use fear of Terrorism, Iran, etc.
  • The FED (Federal Reserve of USA) is controlled by the “Elite”. The FED is used to lend trillions. (“Elite” term stands for a small group of people, who have massive influence on economies and politics.)
  • Massive debt will be created for nations, states, cities, municipalities, banks and people before the crash of 2012. The “Elite” will lend to bankrupt countries like Greece before the crash. After the crash, the “Elite” will own all assets of countries, states, cities, municipalities, banks and people.
  • The “Elite” want control over countries and people. So the idea to first give massive loans and then when people/countries cannot pay back, take over all their assets. e.g. Today the “Elite” are buying bonds of Greece. So when Greece defaults, the “Elite” will own the country. This is the new globalism or new world order. The same is true for bonds of USA, USA states, municipalities of USA, etc.
  • By the end of 2012, the crash will occur. All paper wealth will be lost including cash, bank account, bonds, IRA, shares, 401K, mutual fund, ETFs, most shares, etc by the end of 2012. Physical assets will retain value e.g. physical gold, physical silver, debt-free real estate, etc.
  • The price of gold and silver will rise astronomically i.e. Gold will go above $3000/oz and silver will go to $75 to $100/oz. The “Elite” are purchasing tons of physical gold and silver; and they are cashing out of paper.
  • The “Elite” don’t want riots. So social security and food stamps will continue in USA for next few years i.e. till USA defaults. USA will default on its national debt within the next few years (but not in 2012). In three years, USA will be like Greece.
  • If you have mortgage, the mortgage will be owned by the “Elite”. So if you cannot pay your mortgage because of the depression, the bank will take over your house. So effectively the “Elite” got your house for almost nothing (because FED had created the money out of thin air anyway).
  • Even if you own your real estate debt free, your taxes will increase because your city will be bankrupt. All assets / taxes of city will belong to the “Elite”. If you cannot pay your taxes, the “Elite” will take over your debt free real estate. So people should keep enough gold/silver to pay taxes for 3 to 5 years.
  • As far as possible, don’t take out a loan or refinance your existing loan. During the coming depression, your assets will get transferred to the “Elite”, if you cannot repay your loan with interest.
  • The “Elite” want more turmoil in middle east (like Syria and Iran). The price of oil will double in 2012.
  • Before World war II, USA passed multiple sanctions against Japan to hurt Japan’s economy and instigate Japan to attack USA. Japan ultimately fell for the trap and did Pearl Harbour attack. USA then said that it was attacked and needs to defend itself. USA then entered World War II.
    USA will use similar trick on Iran. USA and its allies will keep passing sanctions against Iran. This will hurt Iran’s economy. USA hopes that Iran will ultimately fire the first shot of World War III. Then, USA will claim that it was attacked and needs to defend itself. USA will then start World War III.
    USA wants this war to start a few weeks before the USA Presidential election in 2012. Obama is Elite’s stooge. No USA President has ever lost an election, when USA is at war. So this way Obama will get a second term in White house.
  • Bankruptcies will increase. Price of food will increase significantly. The purchasing power of US $ will drop significantly. China is selling the billions of bonds because it has some idea of the coming catastrophe.
  • An unusual event will happen during 2012. Some people will call it “Divine manifestation”.
  • Even though taxes will increase dramatically, the “Elite” are not impacted. The “Elite” own nothing, but control everything. They don’t pay income tax, wealth tax, inheritance tax, etc. The “Elite” keep their fortune in trusts / companies and control these trusts/companies. These trusts/companies provide the “Elite” with house, car, airplane, etc.
  • The Elite want one world currency (mostly SDR) that they will control. If countries bow to the Elite, a small number of banks will be in charge of printing the one world currency. (Initially SDRs will probably be gold / silver backed, but this backing can easily be removed later on. The US $ was initially backed by gold; Countries accepted dollar as the reserve currency of the world; then slowly the gold backing was removed. The Elite will try a similar trick to push SDRs. Countries are better off backing their own currency with gold / silver / copper, without using Elite controlled SDRs.)
  • The following events will occur at the start of this economic collapse: Derivative market will blow up, Currency wars will heat up, Trade wars will heat up across nations, Interest rates in USA will go up. Here, don’t pay any attention to stock prices; the stock prices are manipulated and hence they are irrelevant.
  • Do not keep your gold in a bank vault. It is likely to be confiscated.
  • There will be controls on withdrawals from bank, once the collapse starts. So don’t keep too much money in any bank.
  • The Elite are afraid of only one event: The masses will wake up to realize their Ponzi scheme. The Elite are not afraid of governments or laws; they have politicians and law-makers in their pocket. (Spread this message.)
In Oct 2012, updated his predictions:
  • The collapse date has been postponed. Now, the collapse will NOT occur in 2012. Only the date has been postponed; the actual collapse will still occur.
  • The “Elite” are unhappy with Obama. If the senior “Elite” have their way, Obama will not win in Nov 2012 presidential elections.
  • After the dollar dies, the New World Currency of the New World Order will be backed by gold and silver.
In Nov 2012, updated his predictions:
  • Elite didn’t want Obama back in the office. There is a fight between Obama and the “Elite”. Obama will not support Israel in its war against Gaza and other countries.
  • Currently about 50% of USA citizens receive check from government. By 2016, this percentage will rise to 70% because of socialist policies of Obama.
  • BRICS don’t trust dollar and Elite. BRICS are 43% of world population and 18% of world GDP. They (especially China) are moving away from the dollar. Nations are buying gold because they don’t trust dollar.
  • Millions of people will lose their job because of Obama-care.
  • USA will see hyper-inflation in Obama’s 2nd term. Treasury bills will not be desired by other nations. USA will have to print currency to pay interest on old debt and to finance new debt.
  • Mr Bernanke, Mrs Clinton, Mr Timothy Geithner are leaving their jobs because they know of that a collapse is coming.
  • People must buy precious metals to protect their wealth. Precious metal prices will rise exponentially during the 2nd-term of Obama.
  • It is a good idea to stock up on food-items and other items of necessity e.g. safety razors, medicines, etc.
  • Liquidity is dropping in stock market. A collapse will happen. USA’s rating will drop.
  • America will not attack Iran. Israel may fire some missiles at Iran, but USA will not support Israel directly.