"The Currency of the Elite is Gold & Silver Don't sell your Gold don't sell Your Silver " Pastor Lindsey Williams

Friday, December 28, 2012

Lindsey Williams Reveals NWO Economic Plans for 2013 to 2017

What lies ahead for the US dollar and the global financial crisis as the election draws near and the end of 2012 approaches? Will Barack Obama earn another 4 years? Will there be food shortages? Will the dollar collapse? Will hyper inflation take its toll on you and your family?

Pastor Lindsy Williams lived with the elite of the world for a period of 3years and gained insider information on there plans to create a new world order.

Information he gained from inside sources he has laid out there plans for the next 4 years.Their plans are to entrap every American and nation into debt while they destroy the economy and currency of the US dollar and its world reserve statues. 

  • The Elite of the world are not ready for the coming economic collapse of America.
  • They want forced debt creation on every nation and every person in America  so they can be forced to serve them. 
  • The bank bailouts were designed to create massive amounts of debt to the the banks.
  • Only the banks they wanted to succeed were given a bailout.
  •  Student loans debt will be given to the masses for jobs they have shipped out of the nation. 
  • The rich are to protect there assets by leaving the nation. 
  • The middle class will be TAXed into oblivion  gradually over the next 4 years.                     1...Marginal minimum tax  2...National sales tax 3...Obama care tax
  • In reaction to the Obama care tax Walmart, Target and companies all over the nation will require limitation of hours to 29 or less. 
  • The Federal Reserve is buying 40 billion dollars a month in mortgaged backed securities for  quantitative easing cutting the dollars value by 3-4 percent.
  • Obama Care tax increases start in 2013.
  • Food price hikes start in 2013.
  • The Federal Reserve are using this crisis which they have created to buy every mortgage in America to force every man to and woman into debt to accept there new currency in there new world order 
  • The American Dollar is being phased out of the reserve currency of the world. The will cause a return of all the American dollars being used in other nations which will lead to the devaluation of the dollar and the economic collapse of the United States.  This time frame Will be gradual over the next 4 years and past 2017
  • President Obama is out of control with hidden loyalty's to his Muslim brothers and has denied Americas right to drill oil on this land for Muslim drilling rights.
  • The rich and powerful elites have divided themselves for control forming there own factions 3.
  • 38% of Americans receive some sort of government assistance this is planed to increase to 70% over the next 4 years for the economic collapse of America.
  • in 2008 gold was 800 dollars an oz in 2012 gold is 1700 dollars an oz over the next 4 years in 2016 gold will be 3000 dollars an oz
  • Churches will be confiscated and repossessed by banks because they can not make the payment due to the economic crisis.
  • President Obama wants to bring in thousands of Muslims into this nation. this will lead to the creation of sharia laws in our government to please the people and nullify the constitution.
  • You must become your own doctor because Obama care will lead to 40% quittings of doctors in the health care system that will cause massive waiting lines for care.
  • All the currency's of the world will be destroyed by the derivative markets.