"The Currency of the Elite is Gold & Silver Don't sell your Gold don't sell Your Silver " Pastor Lindsey Williams

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gerald Celente ~ US Civil war is Coming

US Government "getting ready for civil war"; the experimental vaccines in your dinner; and that virus on your computer - the army now linked to systematic black ops against ordinary citizens.Seek truth from facts with Trends Journal publisher Gerry Celente, editor of Storyleak Anthony Gucciardi, and author of Questioning the War on Terror Dr. Kevin Barrett.

Banks and their monopoly on the creation of currency through their agents, The Money Changers have been a blight on our society since the beginnings of civilization. They have grown and learned for as long as societies have been struggling to thrive. They've tried numerous times to conquer the United States and have been thwarted every time by a small group of labeled "dissidents" who eventually spread and grow to become the majority. Our founding fathers were one such group. It happened again in the time of Andrew Jackson and once more in the time of Abraham Lincoln, resulting in his assassination. The most recent time was none other than JFK. Each time we have a prominent figure who tries to take the power of money away from the central bankers, they are assassinated or defamed through scores of public campaigns given by their biased media outlets. It always has been and always shall be up to the people to stop being unintelligent and ignorant as a whole. We've temporarily defeated this enemy before but every 100 years or so they resurface with the new generation uneducated and unwilling to face the truth. We always fail to keep them from coming back. Its time to change this trend.