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Monday, December 23, 2013

Max Keiser - 2014 will be DOOMSDAY, Everyday

Max Keiser - CHRISTMAS will bring MILLIONS Debt Problems but Bankers will SPEND, SPEND, SPEND
Max Keiser: "If I could give Jamie Dimon a present for Christmas it would be syphilis." This week's Venture Capital Christmas special features Max Keiser from the Keiser Report. He discusses banker's bonuses, Tony Blair's moobs, Gordon Brown's casting as the Nativity play donkey and what entertainment he would lay on for the JP Morgan Christmas party! Plus -- Katie finds out what children's department stores are doing this holiday season to get people off of their computers and into their doors as the battle between ecommerce and the high street hits Russia. Plus, with President Putin going all bah humbug on Christmas parties, Katie calls on her chum, RT's Tim Kirby, to help her party!