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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Global Economic Meltdown Coming in 1 Year -- US Dollar Will Collapse In 2014

Evil will multiply in the end; the only way to control evil is to eliminate cash currency; it will stop drug dealers and gangsters trying to sell product for cash and force an electronic trace control mechanism; in order to eliminate cash the Gov't MUST ELIMINATE GOLD because if gold abounds after cash is eliminated then it will be used to circumvent the purpose of eliminating cash; Evil will use the gold as a trade medium which means that GOLD HAS TO COLLAPSE and be found as simply another precious metal to make computer connection tips better, gold teeth crowns, and the like. Without the elimination of the "gold trade market" the government(s) will fail and evil will abound to a greater uncontrollable extent. This means that the Swiss have to be on board in terms of eliminating gold value as a medium of exchange. THERE WILL BE SERIOUS LAWS CONTROLLING GOLD TRADE to enforce cash control WHICH IS NECESSARY TO CONTROL EVIL as it multiplies uncontrollably.
2014 Economic Collapse is 2014 the year of Crisis and Global Meltdown? SHTF time? Will there be a change in the World Currency Reserve? The US Dollar has bee.

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