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Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Restore America

How do we restore our Freedoms, when so many people give them up for free stuff? How is President Obama's administration more for Socialism than our Constitutional republic?

. the news networks are owned by big corporations, congressional members (minus a few) are all paid by big corporations to keep their interests in mind... we're supposed to be the constituents represented in congress, and we aren't.the role of government is to protect the populace and the land from threats that are too big: other governments, disaster, organized crime, famine, etc. Also, since the Earth has run out of ungoverned territory, it's their responsibility to make sure the necessities of life (food, water, and shelter) are plentiful. In an economic role, I don't care at all who is spending the money as long as it's being spent. The only thing I care about is where is it pooling, and where is it leaving the system? As far as I'm concerned, the Fed's only job is to make sure the dollar doesn't deflate. Yes, the current burn rate is unsustainable, but money is just mass hypnosis anyhow. Every so often the spell breaks, and when it does, the only important things are food, water, and shelter. The illusion works itself back in short order. I appreciate that Dr. Paul does not seem like the mouthpiece of some nefarious agenda, but if he were elected president, it would be a good time to leave the country. Even if his proposed adjustments were good for the long term, things would first get really, really ugly.