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Friday, March 28, 2014

The Devaluation Of The Dollar Unavoidable

The other difference between Syria and Ukraine vis a vis Gen. Dempsey. He has seen Obama's purge of most of the US military officers. Maybe he's feeling the pressure to play ball.

The Greek people are sick and tired of austerity, unemployment is ~30% and rising. The Greek people are being urged by their government to keep all money in the country to help the debt problem. More financial layoffs are looming, reports are filtering in that many will possibly lose their jobs in the next few months. The Ukraine crisis continues, the central bankers/US government are pursuing other options, meanwhile they are positioning military assets for war with Syria and Libya. The US government is trying to push legislation and attach it to the Ukraine bill which will meet the obligations of the IMF. If this legislation is not passed there is a high possibility that the US dollar might shift the reserve status to the SDR which would wreak havoc on the American people. The dollar would devalue and goods and services would be to expensive for most people.