"The Currency of the Elite is Gold & Silver Don't sell your Gold don't sell Your Silver " Pastor Lindsey Williams

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Illuminati Satanism The Basics 2014


Unfortunately for the you all, this is how things work. There's always going to be Masters and Slaves. Big fish eats little fish. Whoever has the bigger gun wins. Things are kept secret, because knowledge is power. Welcome to reality, and I'm glad you all could join us today. You just have to live your life the best you can, regardless as to any opposition, whether covert or visible. The final thing I must add -- people are only shocked by this, because they have been so "Christianized," and have lived their life with narrow tunnel vision. The same way, say, if you lived to be 50 years old, yet never killed a cow, thus never saw where the beef you have been eating your entire life comes from -- then one day had to actually kill a cow to get your food. So you are afraid to slaughter an animal for food, because for 50 years it's been done behind closed doors by someone else. Well, same with all of this. Also, Aleister Crowley isn't as evil/satanic/wicked, etc, as all these videos make him out to be. That's utter nonsense. How many of you have actually read his work? I've read a dozen of his books, and they are quite uplifting and positive, not evil at all.