"The Currency of the Elite is Gold & Silver Don't sell your Gold don't sell Your Silver " Pastor Lindsey Williams

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lindsey Williams: Coming Oil/Financial Crisis Dr. Stan Monteith (Radio Liberty)

For over a decade, prior to his retirement, Dr. Monteith led a delegation of physicians from Santa Cruz County to the House of Delegates of the California Me.

Lindsey Williams on the National Intel Report 2-25-2011, part 2 of 4.

Gold was always considered as solid and save instrument. Many Countries currency was based on Gold reserves. People loved to make investment in Gold. But now.

07/28/2008 Alex welcomes author and radio host Dr. Stanley Monteith and Lindsey Williams, author of 'The Energy Non-Crisis', to discuss oil prices and inside.

Pastor Butch Paugh, of Call to Decision Ministries, is filling the hearts of believers with the Holy Spirit. This enthusiastic vessel of the Lord Jesus Chris.

Lindsey Williams on the National Intel Report 2-25-2011, part 4 of 4.

As the new year rings in, many Blue Pill Takers are probably thinking that the worst is behind them and that this new year will be better then the last one. .

Alex talks with Lindsey Williams, the ordained Baptist minister who went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary where he learned about the secret agenda of the el.

The Energy Non Crisis as tool for Global Economic Manipulation.

Please sign the Declaration of Endependence at . What will we do when gas is too expensive? Six dollar tomatoes, anyone? Pr.

Lindsey Williams, the guy who said oil would go to $140 a barrel in 2008 is back this time saying it's going to go even higher. I w.

After the Storm Nouriel Roubini - ProjectSyndicate.org Has the global economic crisis bottomed out, or will conditions grow worse due to inadequate governmen.

This Week's top news include - Towergate won a long term contract with Comparethelarket.com - XL Insurance received aproval from Chinese Regulators to operat.

Lindsey Williams on Radio Liberty 01-28-11 max keiser bob chapman gerald celente nouriel roubini Jim Rogers Marc Faber economic collapse Peter Schiff Obama g.

The US-backed Iraqi parliament has set a date to vote on a security agreement that would keep US troops in Iraq through 2011. The decision could anger many U.

Next Year YOU Won't Recognize America Those are some strong words from Minister Lindsey Williams, but I believe every word of it. The gangsters (Lindsey's .

In the not-too-distant future, it will be blatantly obvious that we will never balance our budget. I'm not talking about paying back our debt; I am talking a.

- Pastor Williams provides the latest information regarding QE3, the Federal Reserve and the up coming US Presidential electio.

Breno Nunes a PhD student at Aston Business School talks about why anyone should think about doing a PhD.

This is a segment of TRAILER just for the Part1. Part 1 provides strategies to the crisis such as foreclosures, lost investments, unemployment, overwhelming .