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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Central Bankers/U.S. Government Have Set The Stage To Bomb Syria

what I'm predicting is that ISIS will be brought into the USA Homeland in the next week or two or three or four and they will create terrorism on the ground like they are doing in the Middle East, and these 'terrorists' will be fought off by DHS with those billions of rounds of hollow point ammo. This attack should happen pretty soon because the fatcat Rich are shorting the S and P like crazy so somebody knows something is about to happen in the next couple weeks. Those same Rich folks are the same ones who own and manipulate the Federal Government puppets. Big terror attacks inside the USA will crash the big stock market and the fatcats will cash in, and since they set up the whole scam, you can bet they will get away with it. Their local idiot Enforcers with guns (AKA "police") will protect them.

Argentina is not going to pay the creditors. Auto repos have soared to 70%. Caterpillar has been declining for 20 months in a row.This is worse than 2008. China getting ready to launch their global gold hub this September. An EU think tank is telling the Euro zone to prepare for mass rioting and protests. Low flying black helicopters flying over rooftops in St. Paul. Syria is warning the US not to fly into their air space to bomb the Islamic State. The US is setting the stage using the false flag beheading of James Foley. Many of the photos and video do not show a birth mark that James Foley has next to his nose. Be prepare for more events, the central bankers/US Government is preparing an event that will allow them to bomb Syria.