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Friday, February 10, 2017

Jim Marrs : Trump Betrayed his Supporters

Jim Marrs : Trump Supporters Feel He's Kicked Sand In Their Faces By Not Prosecuting Hillary.

Transcript : broadcasting information the mainstream 0:03 media won't text this is the ratio and 0:06 show association with david icke dot-com 0:08 more likely to austin in Texas and we're 0:13 going to be chatting with that the one 0:14 and only the multiple new york times 0:16 bestselling author a genius great pile 0:20 and speaking to me on radio shows now 0:23 for well over nine years what a legend 0:26 Jim Marrs is back on the program 0:28 welcome back my friend hell are you well 0:31 how do you mean it's always tried to be 0:33 with you hey the pleasure is there is 0:35 everything everything is then good your 0:38 end all good busy I guess 0:39 oh yeah yeah winner winner showed back 0:42 up again today now it's almost freezing 0:45 almost free 0:47 listen I'm not going to take any 0:49 nonsense from a texting about plummeting 0:51 temperatures you should come spend a bit 0:53 of time here my old friends so we won't 0:55 be having any of that nonsense now it's 0:57 not started arguing straightaway 0:59 we're not going to get no argument no is 1:01 the difference is you just stay cold 1:03 yesterday yesterday as running around in 1:06 my shirt short sleeves you know is it 1:08 was so warm is like almost 75 degrees 1:11 are you 1:12 I don't always changes it changes what 1:15 kills you it must be that global warming 1:18 I'm only joking boy it's got nothing to 1:19 do with global warming you know what I'm 1:21 having travelled in new york and boston 1:24 in florida i give anything to travel 1:27 into self and it's on my to-do list 1:30 great to have you on and once at you you 1:33 want to come to texas i I'd love to 1:35 travel 1:36 I'd love to travel to your route 66 do 1:38 texts i was on all the sleep you know 1:40 where you have to travel around in Texas 1:42 so because we got a little bit of 1:44 everything if you want tropical breezes 1:46 we got South Texas Padre Island you want 1:49 to go the Seacoast we got the Gulf of 1:51 Mexico you got sandy beaches and you 1:54 want all forests these texts you want to 1:57 desert that's West Texas southwest texas 2:00 we got the mountains we got everything 2:02 it's all right here i'm gonna i'm going 2:05 to soon as we're finished I'm going to 2:06 phone to Texas tourist board and want to 2:08 say you need to send hours from cotton 2:10 because he's working overtime to 27 2:13 that's right and tell her I haven't 2:15 gotten my check check in to post as an 2:20 old journalist you should know that term 2:22 more than anybody to check is in the 2:23 mail 2:24 listen tell me this then we're not going 2:26 to be arguing i said before and I'll say 2:28 it again my listeners have to put up 2:30 with my boom and listen to what you can 2:33 get all the time I can't wait to get 2:35 your take on first of all you got the 2:37 elections absolutely bang on the money 2:39 not wouldn't have I I think you heard it 2:41 here first you heard it here first just 2:43 before the election was the last time 2:45 you were on i was convinced the compiler 2:47 one-handed to Hillary i was i got that 2:49 wrong and make no forward to that you 2:51 are spot on it so he was elected since 2:55 then we had that period of time we've 2:58 had the inauguration tell me what how 3:00 you what how did you observe that entire 3:03 time period from the time he was elected 3:05 to the inauguration what are your 3:07 sources him 3:08 well I'll tell Richie I I don't believe 3:11 we had a true election i think what we 3:13 had was a referendum ok and it's just 3:17 like the vote to a breaks it ok to get 3:21 out of the European Union all of the 3:24 pundits all of the globalist all of the 3:27 high ranking people in the end their 3:30 news media think of pants you know they 3:34 were all saying well that isn't going to 3:35 happen but it did happen okay 3:38 and the same thing happened here with 3:40 Trump you know this was not so much a 3:44 vote for Trump is it was against the New 3:47 World Order and that's what I say it was 3:50 a referendum and the American people 3:52 finally begin to realize you know where 3:55 we're going to vote for the same old 3:57 faces that got us into the mess we're in 3:59 now and they're trying to push us you 4:03 know objectively into a new world order 4:08 or are we going to change pass and try 4:11 to do something different and they 4:12 decided we're going to do something 4:14 different so it doesn't have anything 4:16 that we see what we see now happening is 4:18 of course they're raising hell with him 4:20 about his executive orders and his and 4:23 his selections for various positions 4:26 eccentric cetera but then they were the 4:29 same ones that were calling names before 4:31 the election was even over with so you 4:33 know it's just the same old thing 4:35 hey the Trump said he was going to drain 4:38 the swamp and it looks like he's making 4:40 the attempt to do just that I think what 4:44 you described to the primal scream on 4:46 that from people who are sick to the 4:48 back teeth of the same lawyers on the 4:51 same murderers and to save warmongers to 4:55 know the editing we we've said that what 4:58 we wanna say we of course I'm just 5:01 talking about me I shouldn't say we 5:02 should see me and its most of what it's 5:05 the Royal with the Riley Jim yes yes i 5:08 should say I should be honest and say me 5:10 look I still have reservations about the 5:12 entire democratic process anywhere in 5:14 any country anyway force is acknowledged 5:16 the sentiment behind selecting him was 5:19 exactly the sentiment behind break that 5:21 you got that one hundred percent right i 5:23 know you can't speculate as to the 5:25 feelings of everybody else 5:27 how do you think the people who would I 5:30 don't you probably want to take to 5:31 everyone i'm gonna ask you anyway those 5:33 who have put so much faith in Him 5:36 how do you think they're feeling nail as 5:39 opposed to pre November you think the 5:41 optimism is still there with people 5:43 well it's too early to wear your 5:47 experience and as you said piston out 5:50 actually I think I think for the most 5:54 part I think most people and this might 5:57 even include some some Middle 6:00 middle-of-the-road Democrats I think 6:03 everybody's just kind of waiting to see 6:04 how this is gonna play out and I do 6:08 think it's a it's a little bit too soon 6:09 right now and there's obviously they're 6:12 already beginning to be stirrings of of 6:15 certain factions that are going to be 6:18 working real hard to try to stop in 6:21 blood and and defeat anything that he 6:24 tries to do so you know what we have to 6:27 ask ourselves is is there really method 6:30 to that madness or these just cry babies 6:33 yeah you know they get what they want to 6:35 they're going to throw a tantrum just 6:37 like those students out at Berkeley you 6:39 know 6:40 oh gee they didn't like the election so 6:42 let's go burn down a grocery store 6:44 I mean hey what idiots are they the 6:47 anger is unbelievable Jimmy that the 6:49 anger in society and generous put on on 6:52 the s4 why is that anger there why is 6:55 that conflict there and I submit to you 6:57 Richie because the controlled corporate 7:02 media has led us into this division 7:05 there's no disability doesn't come and 7:09 get this i don't want to think about 7:11 talking to you is you consider 7:13 everything that possibility before you 7:15 put pen to paper and you always do 7:18 is it possible that there is a system a 7:21 cabal who is nothing there is off at the 7:25 division under hate because if their 7:28 division and hatred regards the even if 7:30 Trump is genuine and you know I'm I'm 7:32 perfectly prepared to listen to people 7:34 who greedy is genuinely yeah I invented 7:37 like absolutely gym isn't there a 7:40 possibility that somebody stands to 7:43 benefit is not anger absolutely really a 7:46 negative because let somebody I'm not 7:48 going to say that somebody is business 7:49 initials or george soros okay right 7:52 there you go right on if you don't help 7:54 him I guess there are there are cabal's 7:57 around the world not just won several 8:00 and they're all vying for control of the 8:02 world and they basically most of them 8:06 stem from the old German Illuminati ok 8:09 and that's very dangerous because the 8:12 German Illuminati their basic 8:14 methodology their bassist basic credo 8:18 was the end justifies the means 8:22 no matter what hand which we saw this 8:24 played out with the Communists in Russia 8:26 with the Nazis in Germany you know they 8:29 get a good idea given that day let's 8:31 let's shape our society up let's make it 8:33 a better society 8:35 well you know who can argue with that 8:36 and so but then they keep going and 8:38 pretty soon they were going right down 8:39 the road to well let's get rid of these 8:41 people we don't like them so we just 8:43 kill him 8:44 ok and you can't do that you can't 8:47 operate on and just as means basis 8:50 because it's not always true and yet 8:52 when you 8:53 if you find certain people for example 8:55 Hillary Clinton and a dick cheney their 9:00 their most people who say they're on 9:01 opposite ends of the political spectrum 9:03 and yet if you were to empty their 9:06 pockets you're not going to find the 9:08 Illuminati membership card but yet both 9:11 those people sweat man and cheney they 9:15 operate on Illuminati principles which 9:18 is the end justifies the means they like 9:20 to you they'll cheat they'll kill ok if 9:23 they think it's going to further their 9:25 program the Clinton body coach Jim it's 9:28 not voicing way up there it's not even 9:30 funny is that I mean you know even as 9:32 late even as late as last year and we 9:37 understand the former head of the 9:40 kitchen foundation is missing 9:42 I mean it's absolutely mind-boggling 9:45 that in the world of information that we 9:48 live in the world of the tablet to 9:50 cellphone instant information instant 9:53 communication these people can just 9:55 murder at will now I'm that your old 9:59 friend David Icke said to me a week ago 10:01 and i put this same question to stephen 10:03 Lendman on the program yesterday steven 10:05 is brilliant and i conceive and probably 10:07 because of my very thick Irish accent 10:10 didn't I don't think understand what I 10:12 was trying to say not because he's 10:14 stupid as far as promised but my old 10:16 Irish brogue might have put him off 10:18 can you imagine a scenario well I don't 10:20 think you gotta Irish row know you 10:23 wanted something because you're or that 10:25 I got a Texas draw there's no you're 10:27 gonna race and you use that federal way 10:31 through this without middle imagine 10:34 imagine that very illuminating you talk 10:37 to get there if you were them I wouldn't 10:40 you because they want they want 10:41 bloodshed and violence and hatred they 10:43 want division because you have written 10:45 your books and and David and you talk 10:47 about this together over the years they 10:49 can impose martial order now if you were 10:52 that Illuminati what would you do 10:54 because half the country think that 10:57 Donald J Trump is some sort of Kennedy 10:59 figure they see him as a champion 11:00 because they're so sick of the command 11:03 what you would do if you were the 11:04 Illuminati what you would know 11:06 the trampolin yeah wouldn't you know it 11:09 that's true uh but if it doesn't come to 11:11 that you might be a little bit dubious 11:13 about doing that because hey it worked 11:15 with lee harvey oswald because nobody 11:17 was expecting that it worked with Sirhan 11:21 Sirhan ok because he actually was there 11:23 shooting he just didn't shoot Robert 11:26 Kennedy ok he's somebody else did and 11:28 that's been proven i think beyond any 11:30 reasonable shadow of doubt 11:31 so they they kind of got away with it in 11:34 the past but I think they're going to be 11:35 very cautious about trying to pull 11:38 something the future they're going to 11:39 have to have it locked down there that's 11:41 going to have to have a truly 11:42 brainwashed assassin who walks up and 11:45 puts a bullet in somebody's head you 11:47 know in full view of cameras and 11:49 everybody because they're not going to 11:51 make this false flag Patsy driven 11:55 assassination plots work anymore so what 11:58 I'm afraid of what I think they can do 12:00 really easily and this would even be 12:02 more horrendous case it would affect all 12:04 of us and that is to a crack to crash 12:07 the world economies and reviews is very 12:10 simple to do since they're all ballooned 12:12 up out of all proportion right now 12:14 anyway I'm you think that could be doing 12:17 to bring about an even bigger recession 12:19 222 late in 2008 only guess I'm game and 12:23 also look what that would do 12:25 you've got like you said and I think 12:27 it's probably true you get at least half 12:28 the public of the United States now 12:30 hopeful that maybe they have spoken out 12:34 they said we don't like the way things 12:36 are going we want to change and we want 12:39 to change for the better and if if they 12:42 were to crash economies uh under a trump 12:47 leadership then they blame it all on him 12:49 and then everybody's going to be totally 12:52 dispirited ok it's like well gee we 12:55 thought we had somebody was gonna fight 12:57 for us and that didn't even work so i 12:59 guess we might as well give up you know 13:01 and I'm and of course there might be a 13:04 large number of people who wouldn't give 13:06 up and finish it might take up arms 13:09 because the stick of it because they 13:11 have nowhere to go and it is nothing 13:13 more volatile than a man Jim who the 13:16 who believes that he has nothing left to 13:18 lose and of course the industry released 13:21 without left you mean you know you know 13:23 we're just go hard while go to go for it 13:26 you know what's interesting in not to be 13:30 telling tales out of school but an old 13:31 friend of the programs programs Karen 13:33 who dis and Karen with you to come on 13:36 the program last week and then she 13:37 decided not to come on 13:39 because she disagrees with me about 13:41 cashless society and failings and she 13:44 thinks I'm wrong she actually said 13:46 you're giving out Florence information 13:47 with you so I'm not comment on my like 13:50 karen is alright so you're not just the 13:52 way you feel you know but I said if you 13:54 want to argue with me should come on and 13:55 argue with me i'm a gentleman 13:57 I'm not gonna get sold you know what i 13:58 mean but yeah i said can I said I can't 14:01 understand how someone of your brains of 14:03 your intelligence hell can you not see 14:05 they want to get rid of cash can you 14:06 read about this in the trillion-dollar 14:07 conspiracy they want to get into cars 14:10 race right over because you know at and 14:13 right now our cash is basically 14:16 worthless just pieces of paper and but 14:20 once everybody figures out that hey I 14:23 don't want this piece of paper I was 14:25 something of real worse 14:26 okay then we're gonna have a real 14:29 problem and so there you are trying to 14:31 quickly move us to a cashless society so 14:35 that they don't have to worry about 14:36 defending and they're worthless paper 14:38 money what they do then is just all your 14:42 money all your worth is simply blips in 14:44 the computer 14:45 simple is not I'm how easy these days 14:48 and was the one to tell ya how to add 14:50 subtract was throwing to him or just 14:52 switch off it's like turning a top off 14:54 your finish that all of a sudden mrs. 14:57 Marcy or miss miss for mr. Murphy is not 15:00 a grocery store to children at home 15:02 waiting to be said he or she's got a big 15:05 basket of grocery dying sorry your cards 15:08 be misused somebody doesn't like what 15:10 you're doing what you're saying who you 15:12 are your credit starting off good night 15:14 it's all over simple that's right don't 15:17 let the door hit you on the way out 15:18 that's right and we saw the bay leaves 15:20 and Cyprus and I said that the car in 15:21 there because bug it coming back 15:24 program again she's a great woman but 15:26 I'm surprised he doesn't sees us 15:28 that's the native language she needs to 15:29 do if she truly believes in her 15:31 positions then she should stand up and 15:33 and have a mature discussion with you 15:37 about it 15:38 yeah because then i mean under shows 15:40 you've made over the years on these 15:41 shows we don't fall out with people over 15:43 a disagreement we embrace here but you 15:46 don't watch him that's that's the thing 15:48 you see austerity austerity austerity 15:51 want to enforce the austerity on you 15:53 because your country is in date so 15:56 therefore will take the money directly 15:58 over your bank accounts did in welcome 16:00 to have a big problem there was was it 16:02 your fault that your buddy country is 16:04 broke 16:05 no your leadership you know so why 16:08 should the people have to suffer because 16:11 of the decisions of bad leadership so 16:15 according to your marriage dot-com 16:17 exactly 20 minutes past do that seems 16:19 website you'll find links to e-books 16:21 extraordinary books going back as far as 16:24 an alien agenda to population control a 16:28 fantastic book and to the 16:30 trillion-dollar conspiracy which is an 16:32 amazing book about the financial system 16:34 to say at the history of money in the 16:37 United States can't say and also there's 16:39 a book is brilliant and Stevie says 16:41 bingle Jim Marrs is right engineered 16:44 financial melted ocean global cashless 16:47 society and surveillance surveillance 16:50 systems it is calming says Stephen or 16:53 two more of these eight weeks because of 16:55 those are them Martin to ensure Donald 16:58 Trump has been put into place at the 17:01 richest and most military administration 17:02 ever and he's completely establishments 17:05 Martin statewide view on that little 17:07 retreat always ritual has been played 17:09 and we are still being played these 17:11 people look long ahead and plan well 17:13 plus additional our own psychology 17:15 played along games ability that's 17:18 exactly true and we say a long game 17:20 we're not talking about for 10 years 17:23 we're talking about 50 years a hundred 17:24 years they're planning and in and they 17:27 have access to all of the latest 17:30 psychological mind control type studies 17:35 and and experiments so they know exactly 17:38 what buttons to push to get the public 17:40 our aid and running off in one direction 17:43 or another 17:44 here's the question following them this 17:46 is a massive question 17:47 in fact i was planning on asking you 17:49 that question but it's been treated me 17:51 and have any milliliters of people 17:52 westminster launched an inquiry into 17:56 fake news now I'm not gonna rant on 17:59 about it because I said enough about in 18:01 the last few days thereafter the 18:03 independent media what I believe they 18:05 want to do is again this is not see your 18:07 monkey want this is not see your plan 18:09 radio this is the truth to likes of my 18:11 guest tonight jim marrs the likes of 18:14 them David Icke and the likes of others 18:16 where this is eventually going is they 18:19 want to stop these people publishing 18:21 books based on their contention that the 18:24 information in the book is on true even 18:26 though it isn't it's absolutely true 18:27 this is where they're going what about 18:29 this fake news agenda j'en AI well 18:32 that's just a trying to eliminate 18:34 descent 18:35 ok for example if I appear on the rich 18:39 Allen show and I say Lee Harvey Oswald 18:42 did not shoot kennedy at all he was just 18:45 a patsy 18:47 well then ok you can perfectly we'll see 18:49 where they're going to brand that is 18:50 fake news as fake news we all know he 18:53 did it you know because see in an NBC 18:56 and CBS is he did it so it's gotta be it 19:00 who determines what is fake nose okay 19:02 and I'm telling you I don't think anyone 19:05 can and that's why it's up to the 19:07 individual it is up to you the person is 19:10 listening to me right now it's up to you 19:13 to figure it out the real news and 19:16 checked the alternative news sites check 19:19 alternative radio alternative tv youtube 19:22 sites study think a little bit on your 19:26 own and then make up your own decisions 19:28 don't do for too long we have setback 19:32 and accepted the idea that some paid 19:34 expert is going to come tell us what the 19:37 truth is 19:39 well you can just forget that okay 19:41 because I could cite you example after 19:43 example in my own life you go cover 19:46 courtrooms for a while and pretty soon 19:48 you understand that if you have enough 19:51 money 19:51 can hire an expert to come in and 19:53 testify that just about anything okay 19:56 he'll tell you how many angels can dance 19:58 on the head of a pin 19:59 alright and also if it that doesn't ring 20:03 a bell with you then simply go back a 20:05 few years when you had experts doctors 20:09 ok scientists who were being paid by the 20:12 cigarette industry and they come on 20:15 radio TV intelligence a smoke camels 20:17 they're good for you and they knew they 20:19 weren't good they buried a notice they 20:22 do so where where does it ultimately 20:25 going to go 20:26 I mean it's going to go sr as i 20:29 suggested that there's gonna be like a 20:31 Ministry of Truth soda Ministry says it 20:35 is preposterous to say this nicely 20:37 Harvey Oswald didn't kill Kennedy 20:41 it's preposterous to suggest last the 20:44 official story of 911 is life therefore 20:47 we want two little people publish that 20:49 material is it one of those aren't you 20:52 yeah well that's the direction they're 20:54 moving in now the question is whether or 20:57 not the public we are going to accept 20:59 that or not personally I'm not going to 21:02 accept that I want to hear from 21:03 everybody I want to hear from all sides 21:05 and I want to make up my own mind and I 21:08 don't want to make dictating to me how 21:10 I'm supposed to be thinking about things 21:13 I mean you know that's just that's a 21:15 Nazism absolutely that's the extreme 21:18 communist tactics you know you will 21:21 believe this 21:22 so now and so the question becomes are 21:26 we the public Hank going to black gonna 21:30 timidly accept their interpretation of 21:35 what's fake news and what's not and 21:37 curtail speech from people that would 21:39 that they deem are spreading fake news 21:42 when in reality it's the major news 21:46 corporations that are spreading the fake 21:48 news there they're building up a picture 21:51 of the world it is probably not anywhere 21:53 near like what the reality is and so 21:56 it's going to be up to us to two 22:00 face that I had to hide of the Soviet 22:04 Union and when the Communist Party ran 22:06 everything and everything had to 22:08 coincide and blend with the party 22:11 platform you know the people in Russia 22:14 and I've talked to some people who live 22:16 there and they said they understood that 22:18 the news they were getting was funny in 22:21 propaganda and they just accepted that 22:23 that's what it was and so that didn't 22:25 believe much of anything that the 22:27 government supported media outlets told 22:30 them but they just took that as another 22:33 source of information and then tried to 22:35 find out on their own 22:36 what may have been going on and that's 22:38 how they dealt with it in the old Soviet 22:40 Union and that's how we're going to have 22:42 to deal with it here we're going to have 22:43 to just say well that came from CNN and 22:46 they've been caught many times 22:47 fabricating news so I don't think i'm 22:49 going to believe much of what they tell 22:51 me you know what's interesting about the 22:53 way they announce this to the public and 22:55 I'm you know I i studied this stuff 22:58 carefully like you because i work in 23:00 mainstream media I know the way they 23:03 work what they did was when they 23:05 announced the inquiry 23:06 jim was because the Chairman Damien 23:09 columns the Conservative member of 23:10 parliament and one or two other people 23:13 to do interviews on television and radio 23:15 and when they went on the TV and radio 23:17 shows they kept using the same example 23:21 so first of all they made a very very 23:23 very serious statement they said fake 23:25 news is a serious threat to democracy so 23:28 so to your ears prickle bright ok so if 23:31 you somebody who doesn't know that Jim 23:33 Marrs or or programs like this or 23:35 anybody else or David or anybody you're 23:38 like what what wow what is not if you're 23:40 listening care whatever they do to you 23:42 what it's so then the example of days 23:45 where examples like there was a story 23:48 that windows about the Queen abdicating 23:52 if Briggs it was them enforced that's 23:55 ridiculous fake news its dangers and 23:58 under talking about psych like your news 24:00 wired.com and before its new and 24:02 illustrator course put out ever set my 24:05 homework stories and my right my 24:07 grandmother parishes off the Grand 24:09 Canyon all this article what they didn't 24:12 say was 24:13 fake news like Jim are saying that money 24:15 is invested in their banks are David 24:18 Icke saying that there is a lot of 24:20 evidence to suggest that the seventh of 24:22 july bombings that the real story to be 24:24 different I mean they didn't say those 24:25 things Jim he felt they said that my 24:28 homework so we gotta stop this rice and 24:31 crazy us and yeah that's what they're 24:34 counting on his status quo ism our ad 24:37 they you know if most people believe 24:40 that we have landed on the moon so if 24:43 the makeup as long as we look at this 24:44 evidence to show that this Q grab a 24:50 glass of water my friend shower cam and 24:53 that's when a when they went shifts 24:56 around here it just blows up our kind of 24:58 stuff you want to take a quick glass of 24:59 water just a quick trying to attract 25:01 check even 29 minutes past the hour 25:03 degrade jim marrs underlying tmart.com 25:06 is the website book market it's one of 25:09 the great final tweets I wonder it's 25:12 crashing the economy would backfire on 25:14 them and end up decentralizing society 25:17 and helping all currencies that's a 25:20 brilliant question 25:21 yeah that is a really good question and 25:24 that is a real distinct possibility and 25:26 that's why they're very going to be very 25:27 hesitant to do that this is a crashing 25:30 economy would be a last resort 25:33 that's a that's what's gonna happen if 25:34 we finally get him on the ropes and it 25:37 looks like that they're really in for a 25:39 huge loss in the long term then they may 25:42 get desperate enough to try that but 25:44 it's that's going to be the that's going 25:47 to be the ace in the hole we used to 25:49 teach me but I mean number of people are 25:50 talking about fake news online rich 25:52 tweets so all they need to do with 25:54 appoint a media expert in inverted 25:57 commas to decide what is fake or not and 26:00 then rich says fascism ? with it is last 26:03 season I mean facebook executive Jim was 26:05 on BBC news the other day what she said 26:08 was startling 26:10 she said what we excuse me a former 26:12 facebook executive she said what we need 26:14 to do is we need facebook users to 26:17 report what do you think it's fake news 26:19 we will then send it to a team to 26:22 evaluate that and then the team all but 26:25 you're not around 26:26 no no really don't really think the 26:28 experts we don't want to send it to a 26:30 team we don't want to put anybody or any 26:33 group of people in charge of determining 26:36 what's true or not let me tell you how 26:38 it's supposed to work 26:39 ok back when I started off in the news 26:41 business in every major city in the 26:44 United States had at least two 26:45 newspapers maybe three or four or more 26:48 ok now the way it works is if one of 26:51 those newspapers puts out a fake news 26:53 story 26:54 alright that's just totally bollocks as 26:57 you say it anything 26:58 ok then then the other two or three are 27:02 going to come back and say no that's not 27:04 right here's what's right 27:05 ok now that's the checks and balances 27:07 that's the way it's supposed to work now 27:09 what's happened is it over the past 30 27:13 40 years 50 years the medium had his has 27:19 devolved down to simply a handful of 27:22 multinational corporations all owned by 27:25 the same people with cross-ownership 27:27 cross directorship they control 27:29 everything we see and hear 27:31 so to get the truth out it has to come 27:35 out through non traditional media of the 27:39 radio TV whatever 27:41 ok now so so the trick is is it you let 27:45 allow everybody to say anything they 27:47 want to say and the people who are the 27:50 cheat the people who are the liars the 27:53 people who are making up 27:55 true false news they'll be shown up for 27:58 that quick enough 27:59 ok bye everybody else but when you start 28:02 trying to say oh well we have to shelter 28:04 everybody from this fake news so we're 28:07 gonna set up a a panel or a committee or 28:10 board and they're going to decide which 28:13 fake news are not well you can see the 28:15 problem they're all right 28:17 hey the first thing you know the 28:19 pharmaceutical giants that have so much 28:22 money that they packed the board with 28:24 their people and then when all you're 28:27 hearing is how safe vaccine are you not 28:29 hearing from the people in reputable 28:30 scientists and reputable objective 28:33 non-committed you know nan paid for by 28:38 the 28:39 single corporations who will say no 28:41 there's a danger here we need to look at 28:43 this and we need to look at that you 28:45 know the trick is we got allow everybody 28:47 to say everything and then we have to 28:49 use our own god-given computer up in our 28:53 head to figure out what's real and 28:55 what's not was truthful and what's not 28:57 and it's very important that's a 28:58 brilliant in coming off of that I can't 29:00 add to that the only thing I can see is 29:02 there are laws we don't need to change 29:05 the laws exist already if i go on the 29:08 radio and I make statements about jim 29:11 marrs that are harmful to him and his 29:13 family and are demonstrable e-force jim 29:17 has the there's a legal pathway for Jim 29:20 to deal with me 29:22 detractors laws exist or e2 no need to 29:25 talk about sickness when you brought of 29:26 vaccines of course health has a lot to 29:29 do with with this whole sake Newton gate 29:31 or rice people like you and great 29:34 researchers and officers like you tellin 29:36 people there is another story behind why 29:40 were scheduling 75 vaccines this year 29:43 another two hundred and five years time 29:46 they don't want that they want pig 29:48 farmer to say this could kill people 29:49 right at stake new shut it down shut it 29:51 down immediately start but don't bother 29:53 to Mars anymore 29:55 David I can probably talk stone that's 29:57 the way it's going gym 29:59 well you know what's the difference 30:01 between somebody setting themselves up 30:03 as the decider of what is fake news and 30:06 what's not and the Nazis who burned the 30:09 books of the others they didn't like 30:11 simple is not the great iam are swingers 30:14 they're 26 minutes to the top of the air 30:16 and we've got him for another 15 at any 30:20 time is still tripping on back on just 30:22 before at the election in November I 30:25 think Jim was on about a week before and 30:27 him cause he said that he was convinced 30:30 the trumpets going to win this place 30:31 everything that had been thrown acid the 30:34 American people by the corporate news 30:37 media by the criminal Clinton family but 30:40 I was no hey Richie that's why that's 30:44 why i live in Texas ok but guts and 30:47 operate out of Texas are microphones 30:49 mean I don't worry but I picking up if 30:51 you want change 30:52 now I let go but she'd always pundits 30:56 from the major media they're all operate 30:58 out of New York or maybe LA and that's 31:01 not the United States 31:03 ok so i live in texas now listen to the 31:06 people around here and I knew that Texas 31:08 that most people around here we're 31:10 thinking favorably of of Trump so that's 31:14 why I said what I did on your program 31:16 no tell me you know i do that i knew 31:19 that there was going to be a big public 31:20 awakening there's going to be the public 31:23 was going to rise up and mouth off 31:25 ok because they've been put down to long 31:28 does a bit of a sting in 210 I'm gonna 31:31 have a little bit of a dig I you but 31:34 it's not so much of a big healthy 31:36 Israeli spray again how do you think 31:38 people says who know what the Clintons 31:41 are I mean they are we shouldn't use 31:44 religious type terms like they are evil 31:46 incarnate 31:47 what about those people who backed Trump 31:49 just for that reason it maybe they 31:52 didn't care too much about how many 31:54 politicians but the back to him because 31:56 of the Clintons told you think to 31:58 yourself I think that was a really 32:00 really big portion of the whole thing so 32:02 what now my love him how did I I knew 32:05 only very few people who were that 32:07 adamantly pro Trump it was just that 32:11 they were so adamantly anti-clinton 32:13 really wasn't anything because they knew 32:15 they knew the criminal activities of the 32:17 murders Morris the you know the sleeves 32:20 the influence peddling the treasonous 32:23 activities you know she she approved the 32:26 sale of twenty percent of our uranium to 32:29 Russia Hiroshi's so here's the question 32:31 right I'm gonna get a special prosecutor 32:34 to look into your situation he said into 32:36 the base the day after he was elected he 32:38 told CNN I don't want to hurt them 32:40 they're good people 32:42 how do you think he'll do you think all 32:44 those people who voted for him to to 32:47 believe that he would want to them how 32:49 do you think bases well they felt like 32:51 he kicked sand in their face right now 32:54 it's also you know I'm not trying to be 32:55 an idiot not to know our accent tried to 32:58 give him all due credit and say well you 33:01 know maybe he's trying to mend the 33:03 wounds 33:04 listen and mend fences and trying to get 33:07 everything back together again next 33:09 after all he is supposed to be the 33:12 commander in chief and the chief 33:14 executive of all the public 33:17 ok and of course you can you go and talk 33:20 to the students at Berkeley you can find 33:22 out that they repudiate that they don't 33:24 accept that but that's the way it's 33:27 supposed to work in the true democracy 33:29 you know that you have the people have 33:31 spoken 33:32 match time to buckle down and tried to 33:34 act as a all of us act as Americans very 33:39 often favorite off at 22 and a half 33:42 minutes in the top of your keep those 33:43 questions and comments comments that 33:46 brilliance and talk to him back on the 33:47 program school much interesting that is 33:49 course if you're just coming in on it 33:51 don't worry about it 33:53 we always have the podcast online 20 33:56 minutes following the launch show and 33:58 then the interview with Kim will be on 34:00 YouTube of course again tomorrow to go 34:02 to Mars starcom bookmark gyms and 34:06 website is terrific 34:07 now just to change and direction 34:09 slightly because we're Democratic with 34:12 your tweezers we don't like to ignore 34:13 tweet Paul Jackson to its ritchie ask 34:16 candidate moon landings and where they 34:19 are hoaxes at the time it seemed think 34:22 they were what was the part of them and 34:24 not even wonder why it's been so long 34:26 since we went back to the moon and I 34:29 think him anymore talk and it was going 34:30 again in 10 or 15 years 34:33 what's going on with the moon well 34:35 that's a really good question and and we 34:37 haven't really paid that close of 34:39 attention to it because early on anybody 34:41 said maybe we didn't actually go to the 34:43 moon way we said we did was considered a 34:46 real nut and we don't even talk to him 34:49 you know and but there's so much out now 34:53 for example why haven't we gone back to 34:56 the moon 34:57 I'm old enough to remember before we 34:59 went to the moon and the whole idea was 35:01 we were going to go up and we're going 35:02 to land people on the moon we're going 35:04 to column as and then we're going to set 35:05 up for call me up there and we're going 35:07 to man the moon for mineral resources 35:10 and they said this would pay for the 35:12 space program 35:13 well there we go folks there we go we go 35:15 man 35:16 the moon we go to other moons hippie 35:20 this Phobos some of these other moons 35:23 kalisto moons of jupiter and we're going 35:27 to find all kinds of resources there 35:28 that we could probably be using and 35:31 would fund the space program which they 35:33 say well we can't do much because we 35:35 don't have any money 35:36 yeah ride and of course they got money 35:38 to go wage war all around the planet but 35:41 we ain't got money to go into slavery 35:43 and yet you know if you stop and think 35:45 about it that way 35:46 overcrowding is becoming the 35:48 overpopulation situation and the fact 35:50 that some people screaming we may not 35:54 technology may not be able to keep up 35:56 with the demand for food and that we're 35:58 facing years of possible hunger and 36:02 malnutrition and flooding all kinds of 36:05 things going on in the world that's 36:07 going to impact the way of life is we 36:10 have it now then it would only make 36:11 sense to start building a pathway out of 36:14 here we need to be able to go off-planet 36:17 and we need to spread out through the 36:21 universe just hang out peacefully would 36:22 be if well I say this goes for example 36:26 you know you you go out and you have one 36:28 planet that's occupied by Muslims 36:31 another planet occupied by Christians 36:33 another planet occupied by Jews you know 36:36 and and then we could all the piece will 36:38 be accepted then I'm something that you 36:40 know that would have an intergalactic 36:41 war is just talking so gonna get through 36:44 trump supporter there my love i love 36:46 that by the way my friend and colleague 36:48 jinan cruelly in dublin makes a very 36:52 good point about Trump and Clinton and 36:54 she said maybe he was advised in capital 36:57 letters avoid it wouldn't be good for 36:59 his health to try and glasser the 37:02 Clintons not beyond the a possibility I 37:04 you know I think there's something to 37:06 that 37:07 I mean it's one thing to bad-mouth the 37:09 Clintons but when you get when you get 37:12 the position of authority and power 37:14 where you could interrupt with their uh 37:17 with their arms deals in there and their 37:21 uranium sales and their goal and gas and 37:24 the plans and all of the skullduggery 37:27 that the clinton foundation is into a 37:30 now you're interfering with their 37:32 monetary base which could also affect 37:35 Wall Street the City of London 37:38 hey you know and now now you're really 37:40 talking trouble 37:41 ok so i think there may be something to 37:43 that I think they're trying to get Trump 37:46 it was okay for him to raise Cain during 37:50 the campaign and promised all this stuff 37:52 but i think to try to keep him curtailed 37:55 right now so they didn't shake up too 37:57 much we you know we we can change up a 38:00 few of the frills and a few of the 38:02 details but we don't want to changeup 38:03 fundamentally the the makeup of the 38:07 world and industry and banking under 38:10 whenever we talk about the murders and 38:14 disappearances around them 38:16 I find with those speeches scratching my 38:19 head thinking 38:20 welcome to just get away with you know I 38:23 mean some of the martyrs it their 38:26 fingerprints or even on the weapons I 38:28 mean their hands are bloody well it's a 38:31 it's a classic example of of the Roman 38:36 poet who once said who will guard the 38:38 guards 38:39 ok so what I'm saying here is is that it 38:43 likes a in new york city of the New York 38:45 Police become totally corrupt then the 38:48 public can call on the state police to 38:50 come investigate and hopefully clean 38:52 things up if the New York State Police 38:55 become totally corrupt then that is you 38:58 go to the FBI and he had to bring them 39:00 in and they will investigate and 39:01 hopefully bring charges and and clean 39:04 things up okay but wait what if the FBI 39:07 becomes totally corrupt what if the CIA 39:10 becomes totally corrupt who's gonna 39:13 guard against them is gonna watch them 39:16 see it's a real conundrum George Webb 39:22 was on the program a couple weeks and he 39:23 talked about Eric braver and braver man 39:26 gone missing two former clinton 39:28 foundation CEO robert david steele the 39:32 former CIA agent was under program 39:33 recently on last year he reckons that 39:36 the foundation has actually stolen over 39:40 a hundred billion dollars 39:42 you know money that was promised to the 39:45 worst often planetary commitments made 39:48 by and people to donate to various 39:51 offshoots of the foundation money just 39:54 gone down a black hole were not really 39:57 come into the pockets of the Clinton 39:59 family under criminal springs now you 40:02 know you maybe you might recall that 40:04 right after Hurricane Katrina and where 40:08 they had such tragedy down there in New 40:10 Orleans a bit during the Superbowl even 40:14 when you know half the country's 40:16 watching they were putting out Appeals 40:19 for the bush clinton Katrina fund 40:23 ok and a corset had been a recent event 40:26 at that time in a lot of people were 40:28 concerned and no telling how many 40:30 millions if not billions they brought in 40:33 especially advertising during the super 40:35 bowl and as far as i know i have never 40:38 seen or read anywhere where everybody's 40:41 in and where anybody is trying to figure 40:43 out where all that money go 40:44 nobody and you know Jim day that their 40:47 credibility they are cloaked in the 40:50 credibility of bono of u2 and a deviate 40:56 from Microsoft and Bill Gates these are 40:59 the duck this is the biggest ever weapon 41:02 Beyonce and jay-z jay-z is the biggest 41:05 selling musical artists on the planet i 41:07 think of the last 10-15 years anyway all 41:10 these people are their cloak of 41:13 respectability on the right exactly and 41:16 i said to get away with jim mertens on 41:18 the life and it's been pointed out 41:20 against it 41:21 that's rich at the Peterson girl in AZ 41:24 you talked about their pedophilia and 41:26 it's just mind-boggling the crimes 41:28 including six minutes for what is it 15 41:32 minutes in the top of the year it's like 41:33 inside the only for another five or six 41:35 minutes 41:36 it's great as him on where are we 41:39 teaching in the in the struggle when i 41:43 say we i don't mean the independent 41:46 don't interrupt 41:49 3i think we're up the creek without a 41:51 paddle boy you're not tentative 41:55 and so we need to just start battling to 41:58 one side of the other and trying to make 42:01 our way along this this rushing creek 42:04 this suit everyday is rushing at honest 42:10 with events and and things that are 42:12 happening and you know most people again 42:14 in scratch their head and go 42:16 good grief what's happening but if you 42:18 understand that there is to be an 42:21 attempt to rule the world by a handful 42:25 of extremely wealthy powerful people 42:28 then you can begin to make sense of some 42:31 of the things that go on so I thought I 42:36 might have misunderstood you when you 42:37 stay world to frequent upon your not 42:40 basically saying that we as a as a 42:45 civilization as a society we are not 42:48 finished using common we're not know 42:50 what is in fact that's it we're we're up 42:52 here we're halfway along the creek in we 42:55 and yet we've lost our paddle with we 42:58 don't know which way to go and we don't 43:01 know how fast to go another brilliant 43:03 question from mark Morrison i'm glad i 43:05 sold this before and we parted ways 43:08 today Market Streets what does Jim think 43:11 of the likes of Paul McCartney and 43:12 Springsteen backing Hillary are the 43:15 ignorant these people are the unis I 43:19 it's a little bit of both 43:21 for the most part I think they're 43:23 ignorant i think they simply do not 43:25 understand the reality of who these 43:28 Clintons are who these people are what 43:30 their actual goals are all they hear is 43:33 the rhetoric that here all we all live 43:36 in peace come by yah you know and we're 43:39 all going to get along and we're all 43:41 going to be equal and os sounds so good 43:43 and it appeals to the emotions 43:46 ok and that feel good thing and and i 43:49 can see that and and not all that's 43:52 wrong 43:53 ok there's a lot of for example of 43:55 little devils have had the best of 43:58 intentions but you know what they say 44:00 the the hood the synthesis the road to 44:03 hell is paved with the best of 44:04 intentions and this is what happens here 44:07 because they left 44:08 emotions / overload their thinking 44:11 processes and so that's why I and of 44:16 course it's a two-way thing if the 44:19 Clintons for example get to have a one 44:23 of these Beyonce or somebody at their 44:26 shindig at the White House that gives 44:28 them prestige and then for Beyonce it 44:31 gives her prestige 44:33 ok so it's a self a back padding cat 44:38 thing whether you take care may not take 44:40 care of you 44:41 unfortunately it's gotten to the point 44:42 now they have been able to divide this 44:45 country to the point to where uh if you 44:48 came up through the large universities 44:53 alright and particularly on the west 44:55 coast and east coast and if you want to 45:00 try to get ahead in the entertainment 45:01 world 45:02 alright then you know it behooves you to 45:05 embrace that liberal philosophy because 45:08 that's just been sold you as that's the 45:10 that's the way to achieve a celebrity 45:14 status in in the various fields and and 45:19 that's why they go for it so i make a 45:21 bunch of do it because they truly feel 45:23 like that liberalism is the way to go 45:26 and they they want to try to treat 45:28 everybody ride there baby needs to be 45:29 equal and they're gonna bring us into a 45:32 an equal paradise where everybody's 45:34 equal except of course nobody's ever 45:36 equal alright and then on the other hand 45:39 and there are people who have gotten to 45:41 their position their celebrity status by 45:43 going along playing ball and maybe even 45:46 members of certain clicks and groups and 45:49 in secret societies that are linked to 45:52 the New World Order final question and 45:55 you can be quick or or or should be as 45:58 brief or take your time with it this 46:01 time next year with honors from still be 46:05 President of the United States Coast 46:07 leaving my gut feeling is probably know 46:12 it well but it just remains to be seen 46:16 how that plays out now will say this as 46:21 president commander-in-chief he he's got 46:23 the he's in the driver's seat 46:26 ok now there's no way he's gonna be able 46:29 to cripple or do away with the 46:32 bureaucracy that is you know 12 and 14 46:36 and 20 deep within the federal 46:38 government so he's not going to be able 46:40 to like just wholesale fire everybody or 46:43 try to absolutely shake things up but 46:45 now what he does have is his hands on 46:47 the purse 46:48 ok so he could he could buy his 46:51 authority cut the budgets of some of 46:54 these programs to me the first one he 46:57 needs to cut is that the Transportation 47:00 Security Agency ESA they haven't caught 47:02 one terrorist all they've done is hassle 47:05 and grope the privates of a honest 47:09 taxpaying americans and they're 47:11 absolutely useless as an agency they 47:14 need to be done away with and security 47:16 for airlines needs to be turned over to 47:18 the airline's now the airline's then 47:21 would then probably hire an air Martin 47:23 armed air marshal who would fly on every 47:26 flight he's their reasons for being 47:28 close nobody knows he's just another 47:30 passenger but if something happens and 47:32 somebody tries to hijack an airplane 47:34 he's gonna be right there and he's going 47:36 to put it down now that's the way to do 47:38 it not not grow up everybody at the 47:40 airport 47:41 ok including grandma and in the 47:44 five-year-old kid you know 47:46 come on let's get real so he could make 47:49 a big impact by simply slashing the 47:51 budgets of some of these bloated federal 47:54 bureaucracies we are open so nice if he 47:59 does that by the way if he can go for a 48:02 year even when you know and stay in 48:04 office one way or another and if he can 48:08 carry out some of things that I think 48:10 he's trying to do and if it turns out 48:13 that the bulk of the people are going 48:14 hey that's good 48:16 he's acting on our bath well then see 48:19 the whole attitude could come around it 48:22 could be the year from now you're going 48:23 to have this still be that still be that 48:26 idiot fringe of radical leftists we're 48:29 going to be going no no we gotta stop 48:31 being you know 48:32 he's terrible alright but they're going 48:34 to dwindle and dwindle and they're going 48:36 to be a tiny little minority and the 48:38 vast majority of people would be going 48:39 well he seems to be doing a fairly 48:41 decent job but of course that is all 48:44 depending on how it plays out and if he 48:48 can bring about some substantial changes 48:51 in the way we do things and if he can 48:54 prevent his opponents from you know from 48:59 getting to me 49:01 I love John with Jim I can chat with you 49:05 all day and all night 49:06 I mean that thanks so much for your time 49:08 it's Jim amara.com folks terrific 49:11 analysis thought-provoking comments from 49:13 jim has this area will be on PR youtube 49:16 and podcast real soon 49:18 thanks again look after yourself and 49:20 staying total book again soon you're 49:22 brilliant thanks Jim buy my books 49:25 absolutely cheers him place for an extra 49:28 key 49:28 you're welcome it's lovely to chat with 49:29 you great to Mars underlying to hear 49:31 from Austin Texas on the rich challenger 49:34 an association with david icke com 49:36 [Music]