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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Strangest Event -- Alien Voice Hijacks Television Broadcast? 2/3/17

If we look at what is going on today, this message makes more sense than it would have in the late seventies.

I want to take us into the 0:22 past and i want to discuss one of the 0:25 strangest events i guess you could call 0:27 it that many of you probably haven't 0:30 heard about but that to this day still 0:33 has a lot of controversy surrounding it 0:35 and that is what has become known as the 0:38 southern television broadcast 0:40 interruption and this occurred on the 0:43 evening of november 26th 1977 where for 0:47 a time span of around five minutes 0:50 british television viewers who had just 0:52 sat down to watch their local news 0:54 suddenly had their broadcast interrupted 0:57 by something that describes itself as an 1:00 alien the unknown voice interrupted the 1:04 television transmission for around six 1:06 minutes and claimed to be a 1:08 representative of an intergalactic 1:10 association reports of the incident very 1:13 with some calling the speaker by the 1:16 name lon 1:17 or Gil on others have called them a stir 1:20 on the voice which was accompanied by a 1:23 deep buzzing sound broke into the 1:26 broadcast of the local I TV station 1:29 overriding the UHS audio signal of the 1:32 early evening news being read by Andrew 1:35 Gardner from ITN to warn viewers that 1:39 quote all of your weapons of evil must 1:41 be removed and that you have but a short 1:44 time to learn to live together in peace 1:47 the interruption ceased shortly after 1:50 the statement had been delivered 1:51 transmissions returning to normal 1:54 shortly before the end of a looney tunes 1:56 episode later in the evening southern 1:59 television apologized for what it 2:01 described as a quote breakthrough in 2:04 sound for some viewers IT and also 2:07 reported on the incident in its own way 2:10 evening saturday bulletin the broadcast 2:13 took over sound only leaving the video 2:16 signal unaltered aside from a little 2:18 picture distortion 2:20 now to this day there have been a number 2:22 of theories as to whether this was real 2:26 whether it was an elaborate hoax and if 2:30 you ask a large group of people today 2:31 they would likely say it was a hoax but 2:34 again on the other hand to this day the 2:37 identity of the hijacker is unknown and 2:41 the question has been raised as to why 2:43 someone would put such effort into this 2:46 and to broadcast such a powerful and 2:50 true message whether it was real or not 2:52 just to say that they could do it now 2:56 what we do know and i'll play you guys 2:58 this in a second is that the hannington 3:01 uhf television transmitter was unusual 3:05 in being one of the few transmitters 3:07 which rebroadcast and off-air signal 3:10 received by another transmitter as a 3:12 consequence it apparently is said to 3:15 have been open to a kind of signal 3:17 intrusion as even a relatively low power 3:21 transmission very close to the receiver 3:23 could overwhelm its reception of an 3:26 intended signal resulting in an 3:28 unauthorized transmission being 3:30 amplified and rebroadcast across a wider 3:34 area was also striking is that many of 3:37 the tech support agents who worked at 3:39 the television station are quoted as 3:41 saying that to carry out such a hoax 3:44 would take a considerable amount of 3:47 technical know-how and that not only 3:50 would a hoaxer have to jam the 3:52 transmitting signal but would also have 3:54 to be very very close to it and for such 3:58 an elaborate quote hoax 4:00 you would think that whoever was behind 4:02 it would want maybe a little bit of 4:04 notoriety and yet to this day not one 4:07 single name or person has been released 4:10 to the public whether it be by his or 4:12 hers own admission or by the admission 4:15 of the television station itself 4:18 many believe to this day that this was 4:21 in fact a real transmission and that the 4:24 word spoke in the message are very 4:26 powerful and very true and that the 4:28 television station and possibly the 4:30 British government were definitely 4:32 trying to cover something up i'll go 4:35 ahead and allow you to watch the 4:37 original transmission from that day at 4:40 5-10 p.m. on November 26 1977 and we'll 4:45 talk more about it here in just a moment 4:48 there are conditions include loving the 4:52 executional capture prisoners of all 4:54 right students from the computer 5:36 [Music] 5:45 issues with the present moment all the 6:04 guys that you're going to help 6:17 additional policy solved 6:36 [Music] 6:47 I'm just like you technically want to do 6:56 when he goes right in there are visual 7:14 statement protect you 7:43 there's proof that radium are completely 8:14 different and we can talk about it 8:39 sorted 8:40 [Music] 8:52 so there you have it the broadcast here 9:04 again was audio only 9:06 and these subtitles were added in 9:08 afterwards rough translation and again 9:11 the voice of the person speaking it's 9:15 very strange 9:16 that's been pointed out this strange 9:19 deep buzz sound that accompanied it and 9:23 of course the message that was spoken 9:26 that one could only hope an 9:28 extraterrestrial being would say given 9:32 the chance to speak with the people who 9:34 are polluting and destroying our 9:36 beautiful planet now after this happened 9:38 there was some alarm by the people who 9:41 watched it and it attracted a 9:44 considerable amount of publicity 9:46 throughout the world in fact numerous 9:49 American newspapers picked up on the 9:51 story and the broadcast became a 9:53 footnote in the u.s. apology community 9:56 with many people still arguing to this 9:59 day as to whether it was a hoax or not 10:01 and many who have questioned the 10:04 explanation that this was some sort of 10:06 transmitter hijack in fact within just 10:09 two days of the report of the incident 10:12 in The Times a letter to the editor 10:14 published on November 30th 1977 asked 10:18 quote Falcon the iba or anyone else for 10:21 that matter be sure that the broadcast 10:24 was a hoax the Editorial Board of one 10:27 local newspaper commented quote nobody 10:30 seemed to consider that the broadcast 10:33 may have been very real 10:35 whatever you guys believe I think that 10:38 this is still one of the most intriguing 10:40 and strange occurrences that I've ever 10:43 come across in this research and it 10:45 continues to definitely be a footnote in 10:48 this work we do and really whether you 10:51 think it was real or not the message 10:53 still remains as does the mountain of 10:56 evidence 10:57 we truly are being visited and have been 11:00 for quite some time so with the thank 11:02 you guys for watching today be sure to 11:05 like share and subscribe on your way out 11:07 got a lot more coming so stay tuned and 11:09 I'll see you all back here ingested it 11:11 they think guys