"The Currency of the Elite is Gold & Silver Don't sell your Gold don't sell Your Silver " Pastor Lindsey Williams

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Economic Crisis Will Hit This Summer 2017, Banks Will Crash,Currency Won't Exist - BIX WEIR

Bix is right about our gold deposits.

All debt Must be paid in Man Hours....Both Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson strongly opposed fiat currency!Gold and Silver will rein for another 5000 yrs...Stored Energy is what Gold and Silver is ....It cant be created by Man and Very little remains...Its Only a Matter of The Derivative Bomb when will it start to infect all paper and electron Currency...People don't Understand the block chain was created by the NSA to get You away from real things that require real labor to obtain....The invisible Bitcoin what is it really worth ...Well here is what it was worth to create $0.008 each Bitcoin 10,000 BTC for $50 Bucks fictional Crap online Casino Shit YOU DUMBasses....With No labour Hahahaha Only electricity used and people are so stupid that they actually think that's worth something Hahaha its an app that's all... The NSA got Yall again...The Mines of South Africa can descend as far as 12,000 feet and reach temperatures of 130°F. To produce an ounce of gold requires 38 man hours, 1400 gallons of water, enough electricity to run a large house for ten days, and chemicals such as cyanide, acids, lead, borax, and lime. In order to extract Gods Money Gold ....Silver there is less of on Earth....Now You people stop being played TRUMP is an expert in being Bankrupt ...Fools put a Criminal in The White House ....So Many smart people around and Yall Choose a Fool