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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This is How #Trump will Cause The Biggest Crash in the American History

The CRASH Is Coming! The Biggest Stock Market Crash 2017 Global Economic Collapse

Second Financial Bubble Going To Burst Soon... Even Trump Can't Stop It. The Federal Reserve’s policies of printing trillions of dollars back in ’08-09 have locked into place a serious financial crisis at some point in our future,” Paul stated. Going so far as to intimate the economic collapse and market crash will occur at least some time in the next two years Ron Paul wrote, “It’s unavoidable, and even Donald Trump can’t stop it. Trump will be the patsy for the supposed impending financial ruin. Just like everyone blamed Obama for the financial collapse in 2009, this time, “Trump will unfairly get the blame,” the former Texas representative wrote. The U.S. policy has created a “failed system” in the country. All empires end and we’re the empire. It’s going to end and it’s going to be for economic reasons…we’re going to the biggest stock market crash and financial collapse because we’re working within a failed system…this is a monetary problem…a spending problem… The global economic collapse is imminent. We have something arriving worse than 2008, 2009, much worse…It was the fault of the Federal Reserve. The Keynesian economic model contributed greatly to the first bubble burst. The left will blame Trump for it like the right did to Obama, but he says it’s bigger than the office of the president, and blames the federal reserve and the previous 17 years of governmental spending.