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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Warning : Trump to Make America Great Depression Again

Trump inherited The Mother Of All Financial Bubbles | Make America Great Depression Again   

  I was rooting for Trump on election day, not because I thought he will be good as president but because Bernie lost and I cannot stand Shillary and her establishment hacks. I wonder how anyone in the right mind believed Trump will bring the change after he become president and especially now after he picked his cabinet (it seems like he went to Goldman Sacks to choose it). Yeah, Trump will probably bring some change, something will be good, something bad but in general things will stay the same or even worse. Obama sucks. Hillary sucks. Janet Yellen sucks. Trump is uneducated unstable narcissistic manchild and he sucks too.

Nobody can save us. The situation is not salvageable. But what can be done is to not make it worse, by shedding as many illegals as possible, and avoiding importing more jihadists and jihadist sympathizers. What can also be done is attempt to get some sort of manufacturing base set back up, not to dig us out from this situation, which is not salvageable, but instead, to begin to lay the foundation for the rebuilding to occur after.