"The Currency of the Elite is Gold & Silver Don't sell your Gold don't sell Your Silver " Pastor Lindsey Williams

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Dollar will Collapse shortly after the Elections

Lindsey Williams Radio Liberty Interview: The Dollar will Collapse shortly after the Elections , get out of all paper assets , secure your portfolio with gold and silver , gold will still go to $3000/oz maintains Pastor Lindsey Williams and silver will go to $75/oz , regarding the wars in the middle east Lindsey Williams says that every country will be given to the Muslim brotherhood , the last country to see a revolution and go through massive chaos is Saudi Arabia , The elite are 6 months behind in their plans for the middle east , because Russia stepped in to protect Syria , that's why the oil is not $150 already , they stopped drilling for oil at the Liberty rig in Alaska until the oil price hits $150 , take advantage of the elite's problems , the US dollar is still fairly strong use it to buy real assets before the collapse

Aug 2nd 2012 Lindsey Williams Radio Liberty with Dr. Stanley Monteith - The Elite & Our Future .: this is the latest interview of Pastor Lindsey Williams so far , the key points are , the elite have stopped drilling at the Liberty rig in Alaska the largest drilling well on the surface of the earth also called Gull Island the reason is that they want the oil price to hit $150 a barrel before they will continue drilling , oil gold and silver are still cheap because the elite are 2 to 6 months behind their plans in the middle east , Gaddafi and Assad regimes did not fall as fast as they were projecting for them to fall , the elite want to turn over every country in the middle east to the Muslim brotherhood , the elite want to drown everyone and every nation in debt before they come up with a new gold based currency to replace the dollar when this one has collapsed , get out of all paper assets , and use this opportunity to buy gold and silver bullion they will be a lot more expensive before the end of 2012 says Lindsey Williams